JLK- Art Colony of Jalovik
Biblioteka Diša Atić
15225 Vladimirci
E-mail: jalovik@gmail.com
Phone: +381 15 513 145

Application form

NAME _________________________________________ DATE ___________

MAILING ADDRESS _______________________________________________


CITY ______________________________ STATE ______

ZIP CODE ________________

HOME PHONE ( _____ ) __________________

WORK PHONE ( _____ ) _________________

FAX ( _____ ) __________________

E-MAIL ______________________________________

AGE ___________

ARTISTIC FIELD/s ___________________________________________

(Optional) We would appreciate knowing your ethnic background in order for us to better serve the artistic community _______________________________
Please send the following information along with this application:

______ Three copies of this application completed and signed, plus the original. (four in all)

Representative samples of your most recent work as indicated. Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope if you want us to return them to you.
Do not send originals
One copy will be retained for our records.

______ Visual artists: Three sets of six (6) slides in plastic sleeves.

______ A brief description of your work in progress and your reasons for wanting to come to Jalovik Arts Colony.

______ A resume of your educational and professional experience. You may also attach any information that you feel may be helpful.

Three reviewers make individual recommendations on each applicant. Reviewers are drawn from the ranks of nationally known artists, professors, gallery owners, music directors, art critics and editors.

Provide us with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references in your field:



Send applications and all other required materials to:

JLK- Art Colony of Jalovik
Biblioteka Diša Atić
15225 Vladimirci

Notice to Applicant: In signing this application, I agree to abide by JLK`s rules in all areas. If I am accepted, I acknowledge that in consideration for being allowed to stay at the colony I am waiving any right to sue JLK or anyone connected with it for damages, and that neither JLK nor any of its' officers, directors, and employees will be held liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by me or my visitors in, and or about the JLK premises as a result of using the facilities, any equipment, services, or other provisions, and further, that neither JLK nor any of its officers, directors, and employees shall be liable for any loss or theft of personal property.

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