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Both at school and at the institute, teachers often give the task to write an essay on the topic of a lesson in literature. Many students face the difficulties of this genre, because it has its own nuances and requirements. In the essay, the main role is played by the author’s impressions, thoughts and associations on the topic.

It is important to emphasize precisely the subjective side of the attitude to the subject. The genre appeared in the XVI century in France, when the writer and philosopher Michel Montaigne told the public his opinion on the relationship between man and society. Since then, the essay is often found in works of European poets, playwrights. Even philosophers used the techniques of the genre in their monographs.

How to write an essay for college application?

The authors know exactly how to write an essay and will be happy to help you with this. We especially recommend contacting us with students who are awaiting admission to college. A well-written essay will bring the greatest number of points, which as a result will increase the chances of becoming a student of a prestigious university. Our talented philologists will create interesting material, and you, at this time, will be able to learn the rest of the final exams. Currently, the essay is becoming increasingly popular and popular genre.

Thanks to a well-formed subjective opinion in the letter, you can gently influence the reader. In the material it is important to skillfully combine the rational and emotional sides. Since one of the goals of the genre is to make the reader think about problems in society.

Many schoolchildren, because of a small life experience, do not know what to write and are not able to clearly state their thoughts. They start to get confused in words, the correct construction of sentences. Because of all this, the meaning of the whole structure “breaks”. This can lead to the direction of thought in a completely different direction.

In this case, we recommend contacting the experts and ordering an essay, the topics of which can be very diverse. Briefly tell what you would like to write in the material, what position you support and what conclusion you want to draw. Our authors will surely understand your thoughts and create an essay for you.

So, how I can write an essay?

Some graduates tried to simply retell the text or make an analysis of the work. But both of these methods are not the tasks of an essay. It is important for the genre to understand the content and meaning of the research, to find the main problem. Schoolchildren should be able to comment on the opinion of the author and express their own opinion, supporting it with arguments. It is also necessary to remember about the appropriateness of the use of vocabulary, consistency of a single style and compliance with the rules of grammar and syntax.

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In the introduction, you must specify the problem. Next, the student must give a brief personal comment on the topic. After that, it is important to explain your position and the author. In the main part, it is necessary to argue your agreement or the refutation of the theses of the author. The student should defend their point of view and focus on this. Be sure to write conclusion in the essay. So you will show that you can think and, most importantly, prove your position.